NTEU’s FEVER Fund Promotes Voter Education, Registration

For 19 years, NTEU has used the FEVER fund for election-related activities that are crucial to our democracy—helping boost voter education, registration and turnout. 

Formally known as the Federal Employees Voter Education and Registration (FEVER) Fund, NTEU uses resources donated to the fund for
 these broad purposes under the premise that the more potential voters know and understand about issues, the more likely they are to register and to vote. 

The FEVER fund complements but does not replace NTEU’s political action arm, TEPAC, which supports candidates who support the federal feverworkforce with contributions from individual NTEU members. 

Sometimes, money accumulated by FEVER is, in turn, contributed to local committees or other organizations active in both voter registration and get-out the vote efforts. Every election cycle, NTEU chapters across the country work hard in local voter registration drives, and efforts to educate federal workers on issues of importance. 

Overall, the goal of these efforts is a straight-forward one, said NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley. “Everything that impacts the work lives of federal employees and their workplaces is in the hands of elected federal officials,” she said. “Thus, it is imperative both to understand the connection between the work of federal office-holders and the lives of federal employees, and to know which candidates stand in support of federal employees and to support those candidates.”

The money under the FEVER program is provided, first, through a contribution from NTEU of $1.50 per member; and, second, from an NTEU match of two to one for donations made by chapters. So if a chapter donates $100 to the fund, the National Office contributes an additional $200.

NTEU members who do not wish to have their dues used for the FEVER fund can opt out of the fund by completing and returning a form.